DETOX Daily Life and Feel Better Now Formula (Set of 9) KLEAR Channel Experience by Jade Rehder

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Do you want freedom from the chaos that are affecting your happiness, joy and success? As an empath, often this energy is affecting you but is beyond your awareness.

You have many energies creating chaos in your personal energy field. This formula was created to release the energies that are naturally stored at a high level in you because you are an empath and are strongly connected to the emotions and energy of your life experiences, the impact of the outside forces, and living on Earth.

You will know which of the recording you need to listen to multiple times to unpeel the layers that you are holding. Listen to your intuition and you will be thrilled with the results!

This formula of KLEARS is created to be the foundational playlist to be done as needed in the beginning than weekly or monthly. This is your energy clearing power play list to support your wellbeing.

Set includes the following KLEARS:

  • Stored Inflammation

  • Stored Exhaustion

  • Stored Stress

  • Stored Pain 

  • Stored Frustration

  • Stored Disappointment

  • Stored Anxiety 

  • Stored Overwhelm

  • Stored Irritation

We highly recommend that you do the full playlist in order a minimum of 3 times in a row. Do a maximum of 3 KLEARS in a sitting. Remember to feel better now!