Access To Your Spiritual Gifts & Energy Self-Care (Set of 9) KLEAR Channel Experience by Jade Rehder

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This set of KLEAR Channel Experiences is created to support Healers, Lightworkers, Coaches and Sensitive people in empowering themselves. This is a collection of KLEARs that expand and activate your natural intuitive gifts, discernment, and energy alignment. 

This set includes:

KLEAR Interference to Discernment 

KLEAR Clean-up Your Energy

KLEAR Set-up Your Energy

KLEAR Fear of Spiritual Gifts Awakening

KLEAR Clairaudiance Gift Access 

KLEAR Clairsentient Gift Access

KLEAR Clairvoyance Gift Access

KLEAR Claircognizance Gift Access

KLEAR Access to Your Akashic Records

This is a Lightwork growth and support set of energy healing and re-alignments.