Looking Great Formula KLEAR Channel Experience by Jade Rehder

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Looking great is an inside job!

Your thoughts and beliefs about how you look affect the way you feel about yourself. Other people see and feel your energy more than they do your clothes, size or shoes.

If you are ready to feel great in your skin no matter what size your jeans, then you’ll love this KLEARS package! 

Create the playlist from the strongest to the lightest in the way the patterns are showing up in your life.

Program includes the following KLEARS:

  • I’m Not Good Enough

  • Lack of Body Confidence

  • Lack of Self-Love

  • Negative Body Talk

  • I Don’t Want to Exercise

  • Low Self Esteem

  • My Body Doesn’t Work Right

  • Other Peoples Opinion of My Body Matters

  • Self-Doubt 

Listen to all the KLEARS even if you feel that one doesn’t apply to you. They were channeled in to have the most benefit for you in looking great from an energy point of view. For optimal results repeat 3 times. Then repeat listening to each KLEAR on an as needed basis. Show up looking great!