Detox and Release Your Negative Emotions - Level 1 - (Set of 9) KLEAR Channel Experience by Jade Rehder

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You are born with your negative emotion reservoirs imprinted on your emotional DNA imprint. The volume of negative emotions you have stored affects you and varies with each emotion. Some negative emotions may be super intense while others feel like you have very little.

Please follow the playlist.

Program includes the following KLEARS:

  • Stored Anger

  • Stored Sadness

  • Stored Hurt

  • Stored Rage

  • Stored Fear

  • Stored Guilt

  • Stored Shame

  • Stored Depression

  • Stored Shock/Trauma

This is an intentional sequence of negative emotion releasing to allow you to go through these releases with ease and receive the optimal results. When you have released the stored negative emotions, you will notice that you are no longer going into the strong emotional reactions or triggered by a challenge.

You will still feel the emotion, yet you will no longer respond in the same way. You can more easily choose to be an observer and come from a centered response in challenging experiences. This is instrumental in your personal evolution, so you will have the freedom to feel your feelings without getting stuck in the emotional drama.

Do one KLEAR at a time, so you can have the space and time to notice what shifts for you. Work your way through the playlist giving yourself a day or two between negative emotion KLEARS.

For optimal results repeat 3 times. Then do them once each month to release any new stored negative emotions and keep your energy field clear. Feel more positive now!