WIN the Holidays with KLEAR

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Are you tired of Losing it during the Holidays? It’s time that you Win this year!

Sensitive and empathic people like you can feel more than the average person, so the peaks of stress during the Season more profoundly affect you! You naturally are holding the stress for you, your family, co-workers, and community because you are connected to it all. The amplified overwhelm of not enough time, money, fear of disappointing others and the anxiety of drama could happen creates chaos for you.

Reduce -Stress, Overwhelm, Disappointment, Money Blocks, Frustration, Hurt, and Anxiety

Increase - Happiness, Joy, Love, Peace, Relaxation, Feeling Enough, Trust, and Connection

It’s time to get KLEAR!

 I have created a KLEAR collection to Free you from the Stress and let you WIN this holiday season.

Your solution is one click away! Grab your Freedom HERE!

KLEAR to Win the Holidays Collection!

  1. Release Inflammation (KLEARs the physical interference to holding your Highest Vibration)
  2. Release Stress
  3. Release I’m not Good Enough
  4. Release Money Blocks
  5. Release Hurt
  6. Release Self-Doubt
  7. Release Anxiety
  8. Release Overwhelm
  9. Release Exhaustion
  10. Release Disappointment
  11. Release Frustration
  12. Increase Trust
  13. Increase Willingness
  14. Increase Clarity
  15. Increase Connection

You can use these in any order and as many times as feels right to you. Most people experience relief in 3-7 times while other people benefit highly doing them 7 times. After you have done one where you are present with the transmission. You can play them in the background while you get other things done.